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How do I explain to my daughter that she has to repeat first grade?
04/16/2008 at 16:23 PM

After numerous discussions with my daughter's teacher, reading specialist and guidance counselor, it was determined that it would be in her best interest to repeat first grade.  She has been tutored in reading since the beginning of the school year and still struggles.  She also has somewhat of a maturity issue and I honestly believe another year in first grade would do her a lot of good.  She is currently 6 years old and will not turn 7 until the end of August.  She is also very petite for her age so I don't think she will look out of place in the first grade next year.  The biggest problem that I am facing is how I'm going to break the news to her.  Some people I have asked say it's a good idea to tell her before school ends so she is not under the misconception that she will be advancing to 2nd grade next year with her friends.  I'm at such a loss and would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks!

Hi, I don't know your personal situation,so this may not work for you but..... Have you ever considered homeschooling? I'm a homeschool mom, so of course I always think it's a good answer. LOL! But really, if she is having trouble keeping up with the schools standards it may be good for her to move at her own pace. There are some great websites for homeschool information. If you google " homeschool" and then your state you should get lots of great info. Anyway, I hope everything works out.

Just be very matter-of-fact. Something like "Every once in a while, a teacher figures out that a kid would learn better if they did first grade at age seven instead of age six. That's what your teacher figured out about you." Then, if she is worried about friends or teasing say "It could be that the kids you made friends with this year will tease you a little, but that is normal. And all of you will make new friends next year."