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10/23/2007 at 19:18 PM

My daughter attends all day kindergarten at a private catholic school. She loves school and loves her teacher. She is doing well and the teacher has confirmed that she is an "ideal" student. At the beginning of October the teacher began assigning homework two times a week. Simple assignments....like coloring and printing.
My daughter cries on every time we sit down to do homework. I have tried to set up a good environment. Quiet room. Well lit. No distractions. etc. She cries and completely falls apart every time. She says that she just hates homework.
I am afraid that this is setting a precedent for the future. If she falls apart with simple coloring assignments now, what will the future hold?
How do others handle homework. Some suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to blow this from the start!!!


She's at school all day, she's 5 years old, and twice a week when she gets home she has to do more school?  Doesn't this sound nuts to you?  It sounds like we are training children to grow up to be work-a-holics. 


My daughter is in first grade now and brought home a few homework projects a week, like coloring or drawing pictures or other stuff.  We did her homework before school while eating breakfast.  That way she was not tired from school and I didn't make a big deal about calling homework.  Instead I would just say lets color this picture you got from school or let find a picture in this magazine that begins with the letter T and we would work on it together.


Be that as it may, the case is, she has homework. Some constructive comments would be appreciated.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound not constructive.  Is negotiation with the teacher an option?  There is a lot of research that demonstrates that early homework is not optimal.  Google "homework" and you'll find lots of references.  If you really think that it is your child that needs to change, well, how about a long-term approach.  By May, little Sally will be turning in homework twice a week. 


You know your child best, are these activities she normally enjoys?   If so why does she balk at doing it, can she tell you, can the teacher tell you how she handles it in the classroom?  Those may help you get some insight.

What is her best time of day - when is she least tired/whiny etc?  The breakfast time idea is very good for early risers who are just too tired after being in school all day.

Would she do better just after a snack, or maybe between phsyical activities?

Depending on how long it takes how about setting a timer for shorter increments so she knows she doesn't have to do homework all evening, allow for a fun activity in between.

Not all children do better in quiet, distraction-free enviroments, it may actually be more stressfull for her, try having some music on low in the background.

How about special crayons markers etc that are for homework?  Maybe a reward like a sticker or storytime with mom or dad when homework is completed.

She is just now starting school and each child has their own unique learning style, the best approach is to fit work into their learning style not trying to convert them to a different learning style.


I had this problem with my son. I tried to make homework fun and sit with him while doing it, it worked for me! Homework twice a week now will help for the following year, making homework fun now will help prepare for  next year! Goodluck.