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help! affectionate boy at school
09/04/2007 at 15:37 PM

My son is 6 and started 1st grade a few weeks back. He his a good hearted kid but a little shy so when a new kid wanted to play with him he jumped at the chance.The boy is six and in his class, I was happy to see my son have such a good friend. Untill I noticed the little boy always has he arm around my sons neck and I saw him give my son a kiss on the cheek. It looked like my son felt unconfortable but it's his friend and I don't know if he can tell him to stop. Is it normal for a boy to do this at this age? Should I get my son into another class and tell him not to be his friend? Please help!

Hey walklog,


Welcome to the boards.  I really wouldn't worry too much about this at this age.  I only had a girl but I think it is normal for kids this age not to be worried about showing affection.  I would just keep an eye on it and if it seems to get inappropriate in any way then I would deal with it.  For now, I would just let it go.


What does everyone else think?




  Your son is being very patient about it and that made me think about my son...along with all the special needs my son has, he t can be very affectionate.  Wether its grown men, women, boys or girls.  And I worried about this along with everything else when he started kindergarten Because I have seen so many rude remarks, and actions when he does give a kiss or hug to the same sex.  We try to let him know the appropiate time to do these things and to who but he just doesnt get it.  Maybe if your son would kindly say, hes had enough hugs and kisses for the day, maybe the other child can get the idea.  Or if the teacher could have a talk with the affectionate boy, and let him know we keep our hands to ourself at school, and try to teach him hugs and kisses are for his mom. 


This reminded me of the Close Talker on Seinfeld!

This isn't that weird. Some kids are really affectionate and it takes them time to catch on to social cues. I would suspect over the next few months he'll dial it down, although he'll probably still be more touchy than normal.

I would suggest you help your own son figure out a way to tell his friend "that's enough", or "no kisses!" in a friendly way, as that would probably be the biggest help in teaching his new friend what's normal.