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02/21/2009 at 18:50 PM

I need some good advise regarding my son, he is 7 years old and in first grade. He struggles with his reading and goes to a special reading class. He also has difficulties with math, he gets frustrated easily giving up on his work. I cannot read his writing, he basically cannot spell. I've worked with him for 1 hour each evening on his sight words and now he is able to read level 2 with a little help on some of the new words. He is in the lower level math in his class but seems to be doing okay in it. I'm wondering if I should hold him back next year? He doesn't have a learning disability, but he is ADHD, he is taking medication that works wonders for him. He doesn't feel like he is as smart as the children in his class, this breaks my heart. I'm wondering if I hold him back if he would feel on top of his class or will be feel bad about being held back?? His teacher feels that I should go ahead and move him up but.....I hate to have to go through this again next year. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I held back my son in Kindergarten. Then I homeschooled him He just turned 18, he is a Junior in High School. His grades are still erratic, but his self-image is good.

Thank you!:-)

My adult son has told me many times he would have liked to have been held back in 1st grade so that he would have felt more in tune with his peers. Sometimes that alone is enough to insure success in school. Continue to work with him as you do whatever your decision.

Hi! Just wondered how long he has had the add diagnois and how long has he been on meds. If this is relatively a new thing, then maybe with alot of work and his meds he may catch up. Don't forget you always have the option of getting him tutored all summer to try to catch up. I'm sure the teacher could give you a list of items that he needs to be able to do to be successful in the next grade. Also the handwriting may get better with add meds, especially if you haven't given him the add meds for long. Or is his writing just hard to figure out because of spelling and/or formation of letters and spacing, etc? Is your son one of the younger children in his class? Remember boys mature slower then girls. Good luck. Only

Hi Only, Thanks for your comment! I have had him on the add medication since the middle of September. What an improvement I see from him, but he is still behind his classmates. I spend so much time with him everyday working on sight words and so on. I think it's helped a lot, but he knows that he is on the lower end of his class and he mentions it often. He writes his letters well but cannot spell one word correctly. He will turn 7 in July, so he is one of the younger children in his peer group. I plan on tutoring him myself in the summer, I wish I could afford a tutor but it's looking like it will be me helping him. I'm just wondering what I should do with moving him up a grade? I would love to move him up to 2nd. grade and I'm sure the teacher will agree it the right thing to do for him? Will he catch up??

Thank you, very helpful!!

Look into physio-neurotherapy for him. The two boys I worked with (7, in second grade) both showed a lot of improvement academically and one of them showed marked improvement socially. He went from being very shy to being a typical bouncy second grader, wrestling with the other boys during recess. It was amazing.

Acitez, What exactly is physio-neurotherapy? Where do you get this service? Is it just for ADD kids or kids with other neurological diagnoses as well? (such as Asperger's and Autsim) Robin, One thing I'm also wondering, and forgive me if you said this... I can't get to your post right now.....but has your son been tested for a learning disability? From my educational and teaching background I would want my son's teacher's advice. If you have seen great improvement then the ability might be there... he just may be behind because of his lack of focusing in the past. (his ADD)Again I will say that boys tend to be slower to mature. You could go outside of the school to have him tested to see if learning diabilities are present. He is on the younger end to be tested. Give your son a couple more months before you make your decision. Sometimes those light bulbs come on all of a sudden and how wonderful it is when it happens! Keep positive and keep working with him. ONly

Thanks for your thoughts on my son! I did talk with the teacher about possible LD, she doesn't think he is suffering with that, thankfully!! I am going to give it a few months, I think your right! Thanks so much for your thoughts about him. He is really picking up with his reading this past week. He is reading level 2 books with some help, I think that's good?? I'm thinking that he should be reading chapter books?? Like most of the kids in his class?? I just don't know?? I'm tried of worrying so much!

Google physio-neuro therapy. There are a couple of different programs. I did the more expensive, time intensive one with my son about 9 years ago. He still struggles with writing (composing), but I think it helped lots. The company I worked with did a screening to see if it would help the child. It helps with dyslexia, handwriting issues, physical clumsiness, social clumsiness, focus (not "real" hyperactivity, but fidgeting), comprehension, spelling, anything that requires using the whole brain, not just the left side or the right side.

Thanks Acitez. I will certainly google it to learn about it. Only

Have your son tested by a specialist outside of school. Consider only holding him back in math and reading, not in grade level. This way he can continue to go to school w/ his current friends. Also continue working w/ him at home. Repetition is key. Good luck.