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He cries and wants to come home!
08/29/2007 at 13:53 PM

I am lost as to what I should do about my 3rd grader. He is ADHD and has some other issues that cause him great physical and emotional anxiety! I cannot go into all the gory details of my poor kid's past but  today i am desperate for help/advice from anyone who may have some to offer!!  My son has just turned 9 and only weighs 45 pounds. My husband and I are reluctant to give him his ADHDmeds. because they keep him from eating and they give him even more anxiety than he already has!!  Today is his second day of 3rd grade and already he's been to see the nurse 4 times! He is so unsettled emotionally its causing Stomach aches, headaches and crying to come home!! His main anxiety is the fact that on his very first day, the teacher asked another child how my son behaved the following year and this child said "He was very BAD"   My son was devistated that already he was being Labeled  and no one wanted to sit with him! Why do teachers do this?? We have struggled in this school for 4 years now and they promise help and changes but year after year all we get is more testing -no answers and lots and lots of Anxiety for my little boy!! He is not bad! He is not agressive! He sits mainly alone and intently watches everything going on around him. His senses are always on high and his little mind is constantly racing with thoughts and fears and noises and bright lights etc. etc.

Sitting and listening is torture for him so instead of physically racing out of the room (he's been punished so much for this)  that he does it in his head!  Of course this to is a  punishable offense! "Stop day-dreaming!" Focus"  "land your balloon"  He doesn't understand why he is like he is anymore than Drs. do! Why can't teachers give him a break!!  The counselors say thay are doing all things necessary but in the end-- he's right back in the classroom! My husband and I are not stupid people and we have already raised 2 children one presently in college and the other recently a college graduate ( with a degree in elementary education) We are not idiots on this subject!

But year after year we struggle just to have our kid in school,  happy and secure and not feeling like a reject!!

my son is the same way. 3rd grade this year and small for his age, with severe ADD. meds have not helped him focus. I had to get a diagnosis at a childrens hospital. I have had a positive experience with our school district, but he is still very behind. He is in all LD classes.If the school wont and cannot help, I would consider home schooling. good luck.


I wrote a reply for susanc which you might also find useful. It was about using Omega3. Good luck.