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Having a hard time in first grade
11/30/2007 at 09:59 AM

My son just turned 6 in November and is in the first grade.  Towards the end of the year,  we thought it would be a good idea for him to repeat kindergarten.  He wasn't grasping his site words at all.  When the school tested him,  he didn't test ready to go on to the next grade.  A week before school was to start, we received a letter from the school that he would be entering the first grade.  Because of my concern for him not being ready I made an appointment to speak with the principal about the school's decision to push him forward.  The principal assured me that this was the best for my son and that he would benefit from this.  Well,  its almost December and the work is getting harder.  Every night he has a page or two of homework to do that corresponds with what he has learned in class that day.  It seems that when we sit down to do homework it has to be taught to him all over again and he still does not understand most of the time.  It is very frustrating for all of us.  I don't understand how he is supposed to catch up with the others in his class with his reading either when the site words sent home for him are kindergarten site words and not first grade.  I'm worried that his learning process is going to suffer.  What should I do?

I think that  if  your son doesn't do well this year then you should hold him back in 1st grade when the year is over. Also try getting him a tutor and make sure you practice what they are doing in school everyday. 

With Love,RamBaby


I would call the school ASAP, and talk to his teacher, if he's not getting it, he has to have help!  If the teacher doesn't seem to understand the issues, talk to the principal.  By most state laws, they either have to make adjustments for him, or GET HIM THE HELP HE NEEDS! We went threw this same sort of thing with my DD in 5th grade, math was so hard, failing every assigment, every test, no matter how hard she tried, and we didn't understand the methods they are teaching, we kept asking and asking for help. Finally, after 3 months of getting no where, I started threating them with the "NO child left behind act", then the superintent of our schools called me to find out what was going on (didn't know there was an issue). Turned out, DD, wasn't the only child having problems, 10 out of the 20 kids in the class were all having the same issues.  So if I were you, call the school teacher 1st, and if the teacher doesn't seem to respond....go higher!  This is your childs ed. your talking about. 

   PS, my DD is a freshmen now....getting an A- in math!