"Hands behind the back" policy- is this prison or public school?
01/19/2012 at 08:35 AM

I have recently discovered that my 6 year old son's elementary school has a very militaristic policy for hallways- kids must walk along a blue line of tape with their hands behind their back and no talking. I am absolutely furious about this. My son has ADHD and is clumsy (both are genetic lol) and has fallen and struck his head multiple times while walking, just in the last couple of weeks! No one has informed me there was a hands behind the back while walking policy until just now- and his teacher only let me know as a complaint that he was "misbehaving" by not wanting to walk with his hands behind his back, not in relation to his injuries. They have said they would exempt my son from having to participate in this activity but that's just not enough for me. How can they justify doing this to children?

So they won't push or poke each other or touch things along the walls, that's what they claim the reason is... to treat children like prisoners for the sake of nobody pushing anybody else (which is probably going to happen anyway) they would restrict the freedom of movement and balance of children?

Is this what we are coming to as a society? And how come I cannot find anything else about this online as far as students rights goes? I can't find anything on google regarding the new trend of forcing kids to hold their hands behind their back while walking in the hallways. Does anybody else have this problem with their schools? I think single file is sufficient for orderliness and this definitely crosses the line!

I'd let your husband take the lead on this. I don't see that the cousin argument is particularly important.