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getting my son educated....the school is not helping
05/31/2011 at 23:09 PM

I live in Pennsylvania and I am frustrated with my sons current school. He has a perceptual eye disorder which makes it a little harder to read. In five years the school has done nothing for him. They wait until the end of the year and show me his scores and most of the time there is no progression and sometimes in a year of school he actually goes backwards. His problem is not that severe that he cannot and should not be moving forward. I am beyond frustrated with the school and I do not know what to do. I complain and it gets me no where. Does anyone have any advice? If I could afford to send him to a private school I would. I think his current school should have to pay because they obviously can not educate him. He is in 6th grade and reads at a 3rd grade reading level and couldn't write 4 paragraphs to save his life because they don't teach him. They only do the work for him because it's easier to do that than to teach him. I wanted to get a lawyer to try to fight the school but I have no money for that either.

Does your son have an IEP?

Yes, he has had an IEP for several years and it is getting me nowhere. they never do what they are supposed to do and he never hits any of the goals they put in it year after year.

A couple of my kids were just really hard to motivate. Oddly, an interest in video games and computers have motivated my boy to become a better reader. Hope you can figure out how to help your son!

my son had gone to "real school" for 3 years and he too had an EIP the whole time .... school wrote him off. I have been homeschooling my son for almost 7 months he has learned more with me then the 3 years at the public school. I am the one who has been doing his speech (my car broke down and I could no longer get him to his appointments) but, he now says blanket instead of bake-let and I have helped him in other aspects of his schooling ...

in fact what has helped him out is 3 -4 hours on 1 subject every day... there are 5 subjects so it's 1 subject per day (he helps make the week calender) sometimes math is done on Monday sometimes he chooses Friday... anyway like I said I have only been at it for 7 months and he has done so much better than while he was at school (for 3 years) he is so smart it just takes him time to understand it but once he dose we move on!!!! I used to think there was slight retard-ism or some type of LD and even thought aspbergers.. I am getting tested to see if my thinking is or was right and then I will be able to help him even further just think about it homeschooling might do him good until he is mentally ready for "real school"

by the way my son is 7 years old