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08/28/2007 at 13:07 PM

Hello everybody! 

I found a great fundraiser!...

I am a working mother of 2 and heavily involved in fundraising for my boys’ soccer team as well as a member of the PTA. I began searching for new fundraising ideas because of the demands of my schedule and selling things were just too time consuming. So to supplement the other traditional fundraisers I participated in, I started using the give2network. I told all of my friends, family members, co-workers, and fellow soccer moms to help out through this web service and it was so easy that they couldn’t reject the idea.

This is how it works: You go to this website and download a toolbar. Next, you register your toolbar to the group you want the proceeds to go to. Every time you search or shop online, use the toolbar to get there and follow the links to the advertisements on that same page. Yahoo gets paid when you click and poke around on the advertisers’ website and then you get part of those proceeds. Also, there’s a list of online shopping sites such as Macy’s and Barnes and Noble where a percentage of your purchase will go directly towards your group.  If your group doesn’t exist on the page, you can simply create one and become the coordinator.  Check it out! it’s really easy and effortless…just a few minutes online and chances are, you are online anyways.

Thanks for the info!  Sounds like a nice way to earn some extra money for the schools!  I will have to pass on this information to our PTO.


I checked this website out and its amazing!!! I'm so glad other people are starting to think of new fundraising ideas so I'm not stuck buying 8 tubs of cookie dough!


I highly recommend other PTAs to check it out.


I am always in search of new ways to fund raise more efficiently. Our town of Bow, NH hosted an Ecosmith Recyclers textile bin. This effort offered our program a continuous revenue stream. We recognized that people need a place to bring their unwanted clothing and shoes were it can provide local support vs bringing it to Good Will and not know where the items will end up. We love getting a check every quarter and our group feels great about keeping these items out of local landfills. no cost, no effort, great fundraising.

I do a lot of school fundraisers and I just found this site that is saving me boatloads of time. Its called Ultimate Donations. (ultimatedonations dot org I believe) It works for me since I'm involved in a lot of trickytrays. Basically I just sign on and submit product donation requests through their system. Saves me allll the research time. It's awesome. Plus I can do a little bit each day when the kids go to bed. I highly encourage anyone to check it out. I think they even have an option for free accounts.