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Frustrated in PA with Teacher
07/20/2007 at 12:04 PM

My daughter is entering 9th grade and slotted to take Level III Honors for Spanish.  The problem is that the only teacher that teachs the class is my next door neighbor.  We have been involved with several lawsuits with them (I built a pool and they tried to stop me...multiple times).  Most were thrown out, but there is still an ongoing suit.  I do not want my child placed in her class. The principal told me, when she picked her language in 6th grade, that they would handle it 'down the road'. Well, we're down the road and the superintendent told me to either (1) move her down to mid track or (2) have her start over with another language.  The former is not an option (she read novels throughout Level II--not tracked--and still managed an A.  The latter is not an option because that would potentially affect her college placement (if she continues with Spanish, she will have fulfilled her language requirements in hs). Also, there is only 1 french teacher that teaches 7th thru 12th grade.  This notoriously causes majoring scheduling conflicts in hs.  We are a very small district.  I don't know what to do--I cannot put her in this teacher's class--she has made inappropriate comments about my pool in her classes (heard from several kids-unable to prove because i refuse to drag kids into this situation). 

Help! Does anyone know if I have any legal rights?

I work at a neighborhood school.  Many times I've been told "What happens in the neighborhood, stays in the neighborhood....what happens in school, stays in school." You should be able to put your child in the class she needs without any problems from the teacher.  If the teacher does not do her job appropriately, she should be repremanded.  As long as your child does her work, she should be okay.  Keep your eyes and ears open, write down any problems or comments, including dates, keep records of all homework and tests when possible, and if you need to, contact an administrator.  If  the teacher treats your child unfairly, the other students can be questioned or your child's papers will provide the proof that you need.  Good Luck!


Oh man! That is truly terrible!!!! I think it is disgusting when other people get into business they have no business being in (what difference could it make to this neighbor if you put in a pool - it is just ridiculous! I mean, it's like you saying that you don't want the neighbor to add a swing to one of her trees - I just don't get it!!!!!) How does your daughter feel about her class? I think her feelings in the matter make all the difference about how to handle this. Maybe she's not as worried as you are? But if she is stressed out as well, and feels that she won't be graded fairly or treated fairly, maybe it's time to pick an alternative. Can she do everything but her class and take a like class at the local junior college (just thinking out loud)? I'll pray for you. Most things work themselves out, but I think you are going to have to continue to be proactive on this one. Good luck!!!!!


Perhaps having your daughter continue Spanish via a tutor, thus eliminating any contact with the neighbor and continuation of furthering your daughter's Spanish.