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Forced High school change 2 months before school is out
04/05/2014 at 17:36 PM

Forced high school change two months before school is out
04/05/2014 at 02:14 PM.

My 15 y/o Stepdaughter came to live with us after Christmas break. Found she was molested by mother's boyfriend and mother did nothing about it. We left her in her high school because she wanted to stay there and because it would mean her changing from a large school, with 1600 students to a small school with 250 students. The new school is out of the city district as well.

With the custody issues and a temporary custody change (officially at this point it is temporary) she has had a lot of turmoil in the last year and a change in schools did not seem to be in her best interest at this time.

When we took the new custody order in to the school nothing was ever said about changing schools. Until yesterday, on a Friday evening, after school hours, 5pm we got a phone call telling us she would be dropped from the rolls of her present school and will have to enroll in the smaller school on Monday. Of course there was noone to call or anything we could do at 5pm on a Friday.

This child has been pulled back and forth from school to school at least 7 times in the last 10 years and just wants to finish out in one school The rules in the district say she has to move. Do I have a leg to stand on in that it is still a temporary order? I feel that if we had lied and said she was living in the city limits with a relative she would not have this new issue to deal with, but how can you teach a 15 year old that it isn't not OK to lie to get what you want, but then lie to keep her in the school she is already settled in?

Don't really know where to turn.

The Vice Principle told us she fought to keep her in her school because "she is the sort of student that makes my job easy" but the powers that be refuse. ANy suggestions. I just can't believe this is in the best interest of the child who makes good grades and generally is not a trouble maker. She just needs a more secure and safe homelife so we are trying to provider her with one.