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Excluding of me
05/18/2012 at 15:50 PM

Im a 13 year old and am going through this right now.
One of my friends were getting seriously abused at home and she had bruises all over her body.
So me and One friend took her to the councillars for some help so she could talk to her, she didnt have to go but she did and now she is soo mad because she found out we went and now she has forgiven my friend and not me and she has gotton the FOB onto me which is a gang and they're after me she threatens to bash me or "drop" me. Im scared to leave the house.
She talks to my friends and my friends no longer talk to me, they turn away when I come near, and no longer reply to my texts, they say nothing is wrong but I see this girl (Sam) talking to them and they are leaning towards her side.
No one stands up for me, and I have actually had to go to my brothers girlfrind for help but of course she cant do anything/
Today Sam got called into the Deans office and came back and glared at me fully and then she mouth"F** you" and the reason is because she is in trouble for bullying someone and she thinks I told on her.. My friends all believe it even though it never happened.

Im so scared because I have no friends my Mum wants to call the school but we all know how that will end up. I wont leave the house anymore I usually have a really social life but this girl has ruined it all because I cared about her, and loved her enough.
Im thinking Im wanting to end everything and not wanna go through anything I just want this to stop
Please help me, Im scared and frightened and need you advice.
Please help me through this.
I have no one else to turn to.
-Laura , 13

Is there a way that you could change schools? That might be the wisest thing that could happen here.

Hi everyone! I'm a 14 year old girl and I have a problem with my school, and unfair treatment. You see, Yesterday I wore a pair of shorts, not even very short ones, to school and of course, there were people who wore them too. So at lunch, and the prinicpal comes up to me and says "Your shorts are too short." Well I look down, and check them out and they are only about a centimeter above the dress code. Big deal! So she askes me if I have something to change into, and I didn't have gym that day so of corse not. So she tells me to never wear them again, and walks away. while she's walking away, a popular girl that play's sports who is wearing shorts wayy shorter then mine walks past the principal, and the principal doesn't say anything! I feel like it's unjust and stupid to even have a dress code with shorts. I think as long as your butt isn't hanging out, they're fine! Now I can't wear my favorite pair of shorts, and this girl can wear whatever she wants! Any advice?