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does anyone know
05/11/2009 at 10:32 AM

My cousins daughter lives in NC and it in the 2 nd grade while talking with her mom on the phone she asked me if i knew about the changes at her school they have done away with summer school im trying to find someone who might know the rules for her since they offer no summer school what will they do if a child can not pass their EOG 's ? and can the school hold all the children back that could end up being several children ?and if a child is held back in elem school one time already can they hold them back again and if so how many times can they ? i know the school has gate way years which are 3rd,5th,and 8th.She was told by another parent it is every three years and no sooner but we are not sure if that is right .

Her best bet is to make an appointment with the school principal and ask all those questions. Those policies could even vary school district to school district. The only way she can get all the information she needs is to go to the people who deal with those decisions everyday. Marti