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Difficulty with writing sight words
02/29/2012 at 12:01 PM


I have a student with a somewhat similar problem, she can read the sight words perfectly but when asked to write them without looking at the word she writes something completely incoherent for example HOW she writes hrh...I've tried having her make the sounds of the letters to see if she's able to write them like that, but it only worked once, yesterday I had her spell each word, in a chanting way, and it helped after several tries, but it has left me puzzled as to why this could be happening.

Hello, There are several site word programs out there that can help your child master this. Does she have trouble with memorization or written output? This may be the problem. She may need a picture of the words to help her. I'd recommend you buy a site word program to help her or get some help from the teacher best! Nicole