Cliques - FamilyEducation
02/27/2010 at 19:00 PM

I have to say I'm sooo very tired of Cliques. I went to another B-day party with my daughter today. So the cliques start out just ignoring my daughter and my daughter ignoring them until she wanted to go play on something they were on. Then 2 of them tried to push her off. Mom instinct hit and I went over to them and told them to keep their hands of my daughter. Then to top it off the friend she came with decided to go play with the clique. So of course my daughter gets mad and tells her friend they arent friends anymore because her friend left her for the mean girls. I had to go pull them both aside and try to get them to get along again. Which they did but it made the day horrible and put me in a bad mood. Of course the parents of ther two trouble makers were not there until the end of the party. Then my daughter who is not perfect either started mouthing off to another parent cause by this point she's had enough.