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Child failed 10th grade
06/29/2008 at 05:21 AM

My child is 16 years old. She did not pass her sophomore year because she failed biology.

 She's thinking about dropping out of school and giving up on everything completely because she will be graduating 2011 at the age of 19.  And all of her classmates will be younger than her.

 If she chooses to continue her education in public school she will have to repeat her sophomore year.

Is there anything she can possibly do
besides summer school to make up a failing grade and enroll in this school year as a junior instead of a sophomore?.

Perhaps some kind of online classes
to earn enough credits to graduate 2010 while she also attends public school?.  Or is it based on the public schools rules?. What if the public school she'll be attending only allows you to have 8 credits pre year? is there any way around that?.

Please offer some helpful options. Thank you.

First of all, graduation requirements are set at the state level, so your there is no way around taking biology -- which, by the way, is required for high school graduation by every state in the Union. However, failing biology should not mean anything except that your daughter needs to repeat biology. Summer school is the best and most responsible option. Your daughter will learn two things -- the biology she needs to know to graduate and that choices have consequences. Summer school is the consequence of not passing biology during the school year. Whatever you do, don't let her drop out. Show her the statistics on high school dropouts if you need to convince her.

I agree that keeping her in school is essential. She should be able to continue all here 11th grade classes and repeat the Biology in any summer school that she doesn't need to make up other classes. This means she must pass all of 11th grade classes during the school year and take the Biology between 11th and 12th if she did not take it this summer. There is no reason for her to give up because she probably learned quite a bit and it will be easier the second time. Of course, all this depends on the state and school systems, but it seems reasonable. There may also be a nearby adult school or community college that will allow her to make up the Biology that way, too.

I am a teacher. See if there is an online class she can take. Also see if there is night school where she can take the class or see if she can pick Biology as a trailer class.