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Child Care Issue
07/12/2007 at 16:14 PM

Need some advice. My family and I just moved to Middletown, NY. My son who is 5yrs old will be starting kindergarten in September. His father was the one who would be picking up and dropping off our son on a daily basis.  Just two weeks ago my sons father suffered a heart attack and now will be unable to care for our son for school. Because of my schedule and my job which is in the city, i am unable to find any child care because of the hours it takes me to commute back and forth to work. I did look into the pre and post programs at the school, but even with that I would never be able to put in a full days work. Now i am in a crunch and don't know what to do. Any advice?

Get involved, FAST! Get involved with your church, your co-op, your neighborhood watch. Meet some people. You will need to find someone you are compatible with to take and pick up and care for your son until you get home. Also, do you have any colleges nearby? In my town, the college kids are always looking for a room. So many people give the college kids a room with the requirement of "light housekeeping and childcare". Good luck and God Bless!


Do you have a neighbor, a friend, or a relative who could watch him? Did you look into any afterschool programs?

Thanks for those words. I've been talking with some neighbors and they have been very helpful. I have my eyes and ears open and of course the faith.