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07/14/2009 at 15:19 PM

PARENTS WAKE UP !!! Bullying and violence has doubled in the last four years. To help children stay safe, experts recommend that bully prevention information should be given to four to eight year olds before their behavioral patterns are set.

Children are confused about how to respond to bullying because they are not clear about the right thing to do about it. Fathers say “Push ‘em back”, mothers say “Ignore it” and teachers say, “Tell your teacher.” Dealing with bullying is frightening enough in these violent times without getting conflicting advice from the important people in a child’s life. To help keep children safe, parents, caregivers and teachers need to give children an agreed upon definition of bullying and how to deal with it when victims or bystanders.

A “How to Deal with Bullies” poster can be printed for free on the We Do Listen Non Profit Foundation website, wedolisten.com. For 4-8 year old children, the site offers for free, an animated version of the best selling book, Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Bullies and the Be Brave Be Bold song. Parents, caregivers and teachers may view and print bully prevention guidelines, resources, posters and lessons.

If you are a parent or caregiver of a 4-8 year old child, print a copy of the “How to Deal with Bullies” poster from the website for your home and print another for your school. It takes only one teenager doing the right thing to prevent a tragedy from happening.

i so agree but not because my child is being bully in school but because my daughter is the one doing it i did not know this was going on until i got a call from a teacher about this even though several of her other teachers knew this was going on she is not physical but mental she picks on a few children and so do her friends i have done many things this summer to teach her this is not the way to be and even asked that she not be placed with alot of her friends due to this but have now found out she is going into a room with all her friends again when i asked why they said the lists are done and can not be changed !! this summer started with me not knowing what i will do about her but have worked through some places to get help for her we thought we had made progress but didnt do as much as we thought because now with school coming back i have noticed her trying to go back to her old ways i have checked on a new school but none in our dis have a opening in her grade so that is out i agree more needs to be done as i can not go to school with her everyday and now that school is coming back im really worried about her .some parents choose to turn and act as though their kids are angels all the time but i do not i will do anything i have to do to get her help and help her understand how much hurt this can cause a child .

"It takes only one teenager (or child) doing the right thing to prevent a tragedy from happening." Very true! Thank you so much for this needed information. We should all print copies of this informative poster.