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Bright 2nd grader does not finish his work
09/16/2008 at 13:27 PM

I have already been told that my son does not complete his work and has difficult time staying on task. I know he can do the work if not harder than whats offered in grade 2 because we always do activity books after school and he has no problems at all. The only problem that I have noticed is his writing. He does not hold the pen correctly and does not write neatly. He is very advanced reader and he seems to read more difficult books than the grade 3 kids (its a split grade 2/3). Even though he can do the work, he can not show it to the teacher. I am worried about future grades! Will his writing improve on its own with time and practice? I am worried that his reading level does not match his writing level. Does anybody have any similar stories or advices? Please let me know.

Have you ever had your son evaluated for any learning problems? My son is 5, and he too has difficulty w/ focusing and handwriting. I wld suggest that you get you son ck'd by an Occupational Therapist who deals w/ such issues. My son receives OT in school twice a wk, and it definitely makes a difference. I think w/ him, though, it's more of a focusing problem. He gets very silly when it's homework time, and it takes us forever to get him to complete his work. My son is also very bright. It's just hard to get him to follow directions sometimes, especially if put into a larger classrm setting. Currently, my son is in a spec ed program where there's a low student to teacher ratio. Having more individualized attention has definitely helped my son as well. Speak to your son's teacher, and have him privately evaluated. If there's a problem, you can work w/ the school to get your son the services he needs. Good luck!

I dont think he's got any learning problems because I have been told in kindergarden and grade 1 that he is ahead in his class. It's just really hard for him to concentrate on his work at school. He loves chatting with the child next to him. At home he can stay very focused on his work and is capable of doing harder work that taught in grade 2. I would love to work with OT on his writing and proper pencil grip but its just too expensive privately and I dont think the school offers OT. Just like your son, my son also works great one on one and in very small groups. For a while we were concerned about ADHD but no teacher has suggested that and I dont want to mention it to them.He does not have all the symptoms. He can sit at home and read a book for one hour but at school he cant complete simple work that should be easy for him. Well we just have to see and wait how this year will turn out for him.

He sounds like my son. Look into your insurance, and see if they cover OT. It wldn't hurt to talk to your son's teacher too about getting him extra help in school. If it's a public school, by law they have to give your son the help he needs. It's up to you, however, to get that outside evaluation, to determine if your son cld benefit from OT or not. The school's not going to go out of their way for you if they don't have to. If none of these options are doable for you, I'd suggest you purchase handwriting workbooks, and practice w/ your son at home. A little practice each day will help him improve his fine motor skills. Good luck!

I just had a meeting with my son's math teacher on October 17, 2008. He is 12 years old and started middle school 6th grade this year.My son has been in the gifted class once a week since 3rd grade and has an IQ of 130+. His math teacher this year is really pushing me to have my child tested for a learning disorder. What's extremely aggravating to my husband and I is that the characteristics he exhibits are those of high IQ children as well as visual-spatial learning. The teacher said that Alex is disorganized, not focused when he should be and tardy to class. After speaking with my son and giving him some ideas of how to fix these situations he has corrected them. I received an e-mail last week from his teacher saying that he has not been tardy, he has handed in all of his assignments on time and he is doing good in class. Then just last Thursday at parent teacher she asked me if we have made an appointment for our son or has he seen a doctor yet????? I tell ya I think she needs to see a doctor. Any teacher worth their weight in salt will adjust the education to meet the need of the child and not expect the child to meet the curriculum. The principal even asked the counselor in our meeting on October 17, don't you see some ADD/ADHD tendencies??? First of all, I understand that they are not supposed to ask you these things. Second don't we all exhibit ADD/ADHD qualities sometimes. Doesn't mean we need medication. Two of our main concerns is that this is the first teacher in 12 years to have such issues other than the gifted and visual spatial learning issues that we already deal with. Secondly, she has only spent 25 hours out of 12 years with my son. Please read this information: (click on visual-spatial learners on the left hand side) then scroll down and click on "For more articles on the visual-spatial learner, please click here! Also, on this website under the articles is a great article called "Are you a creator?" which is written to VSL learner. The reason I'm suggesting that you look here is because the bad handwriting, "show your work" difficulties, and the reading but not writing to match are characteristics of the visual spatial learner. Schools teach primarily sequentially which does not work for visual spatial learners. It is not difficult at all for teachers to use different teaching styles for children. There are teachers that would like all children to learn the same way. But many of us know that this is a unrealistic expectation. These people should not be teachers.

Hi All, My son is in class 2.We live in India.He is very sharp,intelligent however not focused and hardly writes any thing at school. I am serious about it.Pls suggest what to do.