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Am I too anal??
08/27/2007 at 13:20 PM

I don't know if this is the right category, but here it goes.  My son is in kindergarten (our first child to enter school).  We cut him off cold turkey from naps so that he can get to bed earlier at night so he can wake up early enough for school.  Since we've made this decision, it means that we can't meet my family (my parents, brother & sister in law & 2 nieces) for our usual Sunday dinners or anything during the week for that matter.  We live 45 minutes away from them.  If we went, that would mean that our son would get to bed late and not be ready to get up and moving in the morning for school.  Am I really too anal to say 'no' to my family?  THANKS!!!

why don't they come to your place? would that work?


5 yo is the age when children should quit napping.  Don't put your life on hold, especially, if it means missing out on family events.  Your son will adapt.  Obviously, you want a routine, but it doesn't have to be so strict, if you fudge once in a while, it will be OK, he will do fine.  He needs less sleep as time passes, I beleive MD's state10 -11 hours for 5yo is average, but that decreases with each milestone.  Having the family out to your home or town once in awhile is a great answer too.


I don't think you are anal.  You are just putting your child in a routine.  You could always have Sunday lunch instead or visit each other on Saturdays.  In the summer, that won't be a problem because there isn't any school.  I think you are being reasonable and a good parent.


Thanks a lot for your comments.  I just need to let him get used to this schedule a little while longer then I suppose we'll give it a try.  Or just have dinner at our house once in a while (and kick 'em all out early! LOL).