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all nerves
05/22/2009 at 09:38 AM

A friend told me about this site so i joined i just want to ask are their other parents out there that get as nervous over the EOG's we all know it is that time of year again and i always get a sick feeling in my stomach on the day the results come ,i am trying to stay calm but going a little crazy waiting knowing that my little angel is about to find out if she passed the tests today she may even know already ,this is her 2nd year in grade 3 last year she made very low on them i was told the lowest in her class a 1 .i still remember her sad little face when i came to eat lunch and she shook her head no i do not know who wanted to cry more me or her , because she was so sad .after the retest was worse than the first i decided we would stay back it has helped some although i have got notes from her teacher saying her mind isnt always in her work ,so now i wait to see if she has passed i told her this morning if she did not pass do not be upset because i know she can not be held back again and she knows this also i told myself to not let it get to me but i have i am all nerves i will be picking her up early from school ,i plan to take a deep breath and hear the answer and of coarse no matter what i will tell her i am so proud of her because i will be either way but deep down i will feel a little sad if she doesnt not for myself but for her because i know she will feel like she failed .the children at school are told try your best and then sometimes their best just didnt let them pass so then they are told they got a 1 or 2 and did not pass that is what i have trouble with because when you really try hard no child should be told they failed !!!

I have 5 very bright children and one who struggles even now at 18 with reading and writing. I have ALWAYS told all of my children the same thing about school. When grades come out, I ask them these questions 1. Did you turn things in complete and on time? 2. Did you make an effort? 3. Did you learn something? I started this with my academically gifted children because I think that the kids for whom things come easy can begin to think that effort is not important, but children who struggle can begin to think that effort is wasted. Also, just for your own understanding, realize that when a teacher fails a child who is making an effort, that is exactly what happens, the teacher fails. Those EOG tests are a way of tracking the teachers' abilities to do their jobs.

yea i too have children who it all seems to come easy for and i get like this when it comes to their test times also i have a middle school age that is in the seventh he will take his next week i get nervous waiting on him to get scores also but more so with the younger one who does struggle ,in 2 hrs i should know when i pick her up early since her scores were low 1's last year in all 3 tests i am in hope for at least a 2 but would love a 3 like i said i will let her know how proud i am even if she brings home another 1 ,on her LDP's this year she made passing on the first set but the next she had went down a few points is all i was told she has a teacher in math that really worked her tail off this year is all that has changed since last year so i pray it helped.I had her tested 2 different years once in 2nd and again in 3rd (the first year in 3rd) just to make sure and they said she had a average IQ and had no chance in getting into special classes we were told she was just young for the grade

i reread what you said at the end i must tell you all my children have gone to the same school and i have one in college i went to the school myself just a different building ,and every year with all my children i have heard the children at the school told the same thing if you dont make a 3 you will have to go to summer school and now this year we have no summer school so they have been told they either make a 3 or they will see them in the same grade next year i know that it is to test the teachers but now days they make it seem different i have lots of friends who kids go to other school and their kids have been told the same thing it is a shame but it happens a lot

okay i dont think i will give people advice telling them to keep their child back in a grade because here we are 2nd yr in 3rd and we got the same score we got last yr on the EOG 's and i mean the same not a number different ,and most of the kids in 3rd did not pass and even her friends from 4th the grade she would be in did not pass 1 seems to be the famous number at our school this year, now im feeling like we just wasted a whole year ,i have noticed changes in her and she may have improved some because she did pass her LDP's but i just cant keep the thought of 1's again on the EOG's out of my head i made it sound like no big deal to her but in my mind im thinking AND WHY DID WE STAY BACK????? very upset but im sure it will be better in the morning after i have had a chance to sleep on it well good news is they cant keep or wont which ever is the case keep her back again at least not until high school she has a 504 plan this year we got it started right after christmas thank god !!!

Hi summer, I read your posts. I'm not familiar yet w/ this # grading system as my children are still young. My oldest son is 5, and he's in spec ed. He was tested, and we were told he, too, has an average to above average IQ. Still he struggles keeping up academically w/ his peers. Some kids are just not good test takers. I was one of them. Other kids have trouble in school altogether. How is your daughter doing otherwise in school? If she's doing ok in her subjects but she's only struggling on these tests, consider getting her a tutor. If you see an overall problem, however, have your daughter evaluated outside of school by a private specialist. If a problem exists, talk to the school about how they can better accomodate your daughter. Some kids just need that little extra assistance and motivation to get them caught up. If you found that holding your daughter back hasn't made a difference, definitely look into these other options. Any bit helps. Good luck.

Forgot one important thing: Always praise your child's efforts and strengths! Self-esteem is so important in the development of all children.

Eog 's are a end of the year test that the children must make a 3 on or it means they did not pass the tests ,one is reading ,2 are math they take them over a 3 day time ,these test have been used by many schools to hold kids back a make them repeat a grade ,last year my daughter made 1's on all 3 ,this is what made her repeat the grade .this year she made 1's again but since she stayed back this year she will not again .i have had all the test done in and out of school i had them done 2 different years and both times she does not test for special ed, her doctor forced them to give her a 504 plan but all she gets is write in book during the tests which means she does not bubble in the answers.since she stayed back she is considered one of the top in her class this year last year she was one of the lower ,both this year and last she has been a A-B student on her class work and her report cards even with this they kept her back last year ,i have spoke with parents this year after the tests and so many are scared that thier kids will be held back our county will not be having summer school this year so that will not be a way for them to pass the year ,i am not worried that she will not pass like i said they cant keep her back i just wished we could have went up in the tests,but i have talked with her teachers ( i say teachers she has 4 they change classes 4 times for main subjects)they have all said they were in shock but have figured out it must be the way she was testing we plan to update her 504 at the start of next year ,all i can say is i hope it helps but im at a point im ok if it doesnt im trying to not let it all get to me anymore it is very hard but im doing better with it .

Hi Summer! Where do you live that these tests are being given? I am not aware of these types of tests so I can not comment on them. The only testing that I am aware of is the PSSA's where your scores are printed on your diploma. Proficent, etc. Is this test in all grades of your school? Can you find out which things your daughter did well on and which she did poor on on the test? That way you could plan your own summer school with her and reteach concepts she's missed or doing poorly in. Or you could get a tutor to do this with her. Me personally, as a teacher and parent, would worry more about what my child seems to be learning. Can you see reading growth and math growth. Does she seem to be doing what other kids her age are doing? It is so difficult when one test determines so much, such as passing a grade. I personally think it is wrong and think a teacher would be able to give you a better picture of how a child is progressing or not progressing. Have you talked with her teacher about her scores? Alot of teaching to the tests is done in schools and imo is so wrong... but it is how schools get their money. They do well on standardized tests they get more money... sad. Good luck to you. I'd consider another school that doesn't do this testing for my child if I could, if I was in your situation. Only

Nc since she stayed back her teachers all say she is above grade level now but last year she was more a second grade level her growth in all subjects are great this year but last they were not we have done the tutor for the summer we did that 2 yrs once in first and again in second ,we had the choice last year in 3rd to do summer school or stay back due to her being so far behind last year we stayed back in 3rd again,it has helped social wise also she is more mature this year .it has been hard for her in school and this year she had a tough teacher in math we had home work every night ,with math and spelling every night except weekends (the home work took at least 2hrs to finish )she has been pushed hard this year a friend told her that they dont have much in 4th so now she says she cant wait until next year so she wont have home work .4th is not a gateway year and one of my friends was told the school will not be holding any 4th graders back ,im happy we kept her back in most ways but she went from a very shy child to the one who every one wants to be with and this has kinda gone to her head ,she has had some issues of picking on a few kids we are trying to get through this .but as for the test her other siblings always make 4 's or high 3's ,she is my baby and i have spoiled her as well as everyone else in the family tests just do not come easy for her never have ,she has a 504 and this is the first time we used the mods she had problems with the read aloud mods so we are going to change them her teachers said some thing must have been wrong with it because they know she knows the work .I hope we made the right choice holding her back she seems happy her grades are better but i cant help but thinking did i make the right choice and will it come back later to smack me in the face like most reports say .i see kids who had lower scores than her before we held her back and now they are still having alot of trouble i keep thinking maybe i should have just sent her to summer school like the others did they keep passing them on and they keep falling farther behind i didnt want that for my daughter ,but i figure i will always wonder if i made the right choice for her .