ADD, OCD, APD, or something else???
03/19/2012 at 08:55 AM

My son is 11. He is an amazing child. So smart! However, since he was a toddler, we have been trying to diagnose him with "something". He doesn't learn like the other children. He is taking medication for ADD, which I fully agree that he has, however, there is something more. We have had him tested, been to many doctors, therapists, etc. He has a very hard time concentrating, reading, writing, expressing himself, etc. At this time, he is getting special services through school, but these haven't corrected the problem. The school is wonderful and have always worked with us at trying new ideas or programs. Now that my son is 11 and starting the new phase of his life of Jr. High and puberty, I worry even more that this will not be something that he can overcome. As stated before, he is an amazing child, I just wish he could come out of the bubble that holds him in and burst into this world so everyone can see how amazing he is. Any suggestions?