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Academy One learning
01/23/2014 at 09:07 AM

Hi Moms, my son is in the third grade and is struggling pretty badly with Math. I spoke with his teacher and she recommends I find a tutor for him. I have decided to look at online programs because our schedule is soooo busy and I really need to be able to make my son's own schedule when it comes to the times he does his tutoring. I found Academy One Learning from a search on Google and wanted to know if anybody can give me their thoughts on the program? We haven't had to use a tutor before, so I want to make sure I pick the right one!

About 4 months ago I came across their name while searching online. I have a 6 year-old and I’ve always valued education. When I saw the name, “AcademyOne Learning”, it stuck in my head. I read up on the company and I liked what I saw. I liked the multimedia aspect of their programs. They were fun and interactive, and their programs were personalized. I’ve read about how important a child’s early years are to their education and I knew it was important that my child be exposed to as much learning time as possible. So, I signed her up for AcademyOne Learning programs. She enjoyed the tutorials, and on nights after school, I could tell that she looked forward to completing the next activity in her math and english wiz tutorials. Knowing she was getting a head start in her education brought such a relief. Anyway, sorry for my long comment! Let me just say that my daughter’s still going strong with the tutorials and is as happy and confident as ever!