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9 year old with ADD
08/31/2007 at 14:10 PM

My 9 year old has severe ADD. We have tried  three different meds, but they only make him more aggressive.He has not been able to focus any better. With a new school year coming, has anyone tried any natural remedies that have worked?susanc

Hi. Susan. My name is June and I live in Scotland. I am a mother of 4 - 34, 33, 30 and my youngest will be 18 in a few weeks time] I am also a qualified and experienced early years practitioner.
I don't know about the meds your son has been given but my two youngest children both have ADD [we call it ADHD here in Britain] My youngest son was prescribed Ritalin when he was 7 and I found it excellent. It made such a difference to him. He was able to then go to a normal mainstream school instead of special units. A few years ago I heard about Omega3 which is reputed to have very good effects on children with problems such as ADD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders etc. My son stopped Ritalin and started this. He noticed the difference himself, as did all around him. You start on mega doses [6 capsules a day] for 12 weeks, then take a maintenance dose of 2 capsules a day. Check out this website
www.equazen.com Hope this is of help. Good luck. I know what you are going through. Stick in there though. There is an end in sight.


Thankyou June! I will give it a try.


My son is 6 and has ADD and Anxiety disorder.  I discovered this last Sept. I am divorced and when I tried to put my son on medication his father would not allow it.  For the entire school your (last year) we tried focus groups, therapy, home support trick..blah blah.  Then in May we discovered that he was not behaving in school, he was labeled as a child with “behavioral problems” and he was failing kindergarten, I was able to convince his father that we must try medication (since ADD runs in my family) His father agreed and we started off very small, 5mg of adderall … that little bit made a world of difference in my son.  School even stated, “It is like working with a different child” I think Adderall is great. You don’t have to give it to your child everyday and it is only in the body for about 8hrs.  By the end of the day the medication is completely out of his system.  Before you completely X out medication I would try a different dosage.  **note my father was diagnosed with ADD about 2 yrs ago and he take 100 mg Addreall Daily***  Getting the correct dosage is more important sometimes to get the correct results.




thanks for the reply, we did try adderal, no luck. we also tried different doses,but only got a more aggresive child who could still not focus in school I'm glad that it is working for your child!


Here in the States, ADD and ADHD are two seperate diagnosis.  Some children do not have the hyperactivity but are still classified as ADD. 


Hi Susan,

I am 37 and have ADD.  I was diagnosed abour 7  years ago with it and take Ritalin daily.  I had always taken the generic form and always seemed to feel aggitated, moody, emotional and anxious but never contributed it to the medication.  My sister, has ADD as well and can not take the generic form for these reasons.  I gave her some of my meds one day when she was out and I could immediatly tell a difference in her mood.  So, my point is try the brand form of the medication.  I know they say that there is no difference, but there certianly is.  Best of Luck!