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8th grade math help
07/08/2007 at 15:44 PM

My son took Algebra 1 last year in 7th grade and got through it with a C average in the end.  He struggled all year and never got better than a D in his 4th semester.  Until this year he had all A's and B's in all subjects including Math.  The school recommended that he NOT retake Algebra but go onto Geometry next year.  Can anyone give me their thoughts on this matter... also can anyone recommend a good teacher's mathbook or a good site that I can get my son started looking over Geometry to prepare for next year?

Hey tam,


Welcome to the boards.  Around here you move from Algebra I to Geometry if you are not that strong in math, if you are strong in math then you move straight to Algebra II.  I would say that if you call the school and find out what Geometry text book they will be using in the fall that you can possibly go to that website and they generally have practice tests and information there.


Also, you could see about getting a tutor this summer to help go over some basic Geometry to give him a head start.  Maybe a high school student who does very well in math. 


Anyone have any ideas?






Geometry is very different from Alegbra.  I think that transition will be fine.  I struggled with Algebra myself in high school but I loved Geometry.  

Somthing you might consider is Math-U-See curriculum.  It is a DVD with teacher book, student book, and manlipulatives. It is a wonderful program that your student could use over the summer to review the parts he struggled with or did not understand.  It is not very expensive either for all that you get.  I have used the program with my son and daughter for the elementary grades and they have loved it as well I as.  They have everything from Addition to high level math for high schoolers.  It is worth looking into.