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5 year old brother bad in class
09/16/2013 at 17:01 PM

By the end of Summer 2014 I will have obtained custody of my half-brother (he is my deceased father's son who lives in Vietnam). From what I've heard, my little brother is really bad in formal classes. The teachers say he is the worst in his class, jumps on furniture and doesn't listen, he has been kicked out of four kindergartens and I have even been told to get him medicated.

I think that he acts out in class because he has difficulty learning like other children and this upsets him; he never behaves like that when I visit him (usually a few months during the summer and any time I can get off work and classes). All of his former teachers have called him "dumb" but he can put together 1000 piece Gundam figurines in less than 4 hours and he can even put together 1000 piece white puzzles before lunch so I know that he's not "dumb"; I just think he learns differently.

I really don't know what kind of academic setting is appropriate for him when he comes to America. I don't want him to go to a class and be put down because he doesn't learn like the rest of the students. I'd really love to hear some input into how I should handle his education (I also think he lacks discipline because my cousin does everything to appease him and avoid confrontation).

A child has not equal enough to find a way to learn in respective to others so a child need a different approach to learn his or her lesson and a right should be chosen by the guardian for his child that he can get a proper guidance.

if a person does not choose a right school then a child will not grow up and it will be difficult for him to learn

if a older children get crazy enough to learn his lessons then give him sometime to relax after then he will understand his lessons.

To understand a lesson to child is one of the tough job to do for a teacher or the older guy.He has to keep patience enough to find aright way for the teaching.For more we can help a bit that a child can be taught.