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1st Grader can't stay out of trouble...
12/12/2007 at 12:12 PM

I have a 1st grade son.  He makes GREAT grades.  Nearly perfect in every subject. 

Bible - 100

Math - 99

Reading - 100

English - 97

The problem is he getting in trouble EVERY day for talking and getting out of his desk.  He has a 3.5 reading level and completed his accelerated reading goal in 2 weeks.  We have asked his teacher to give him extra work to keep him busy.  We gave her permission to work him to death to keep him on task.  She said she couldn't do that because other kids would want to do what he does instead of their assigned work.  We don't want to be the parents that think they have a special kid and a teacher that can't handle him...we just don't know if he a little advanced and bored or is he just bad.

He reads at grade 3.5, he can add numbers in his head, he knows how to carry the 1 when adding, he can subtract as well as he can add, he knows how to tell halfs, tell time, count money, in Bible I write his verse on a notecard-give it to him-and he reads it and memorizes it by himself in about 10-15 minutes..his handwriting is bad though.  He took the k-5 Stanford Standarized test last year and scored in 75%. 

I guess I need help, and some questions answered.

Is he bad?

Is he bored?

What now, if the teacher want get off her teaching plan to give him extra work?  He will focus on tasks.  He will sit in front of a 200 piece puzzle and not move from it for 3 hours until it is done.  We have spanked him, lectured him, sadly-we have lost our temper and yelled at him, we have grounded him, we have given extra work to do at home for punishment...NOTHING on our end keeps him from getting in the same trouble at school.

Help please!!!