14 year old daughter/mental health
03/21/2011 at 14:24 PM

I have a 14 year old daughter who for the past 9 months hates school, doesn't eat and writes in her diary that all she wants is to die. She has attempted to overdose twice, burns her hands and feet, has lost so much weight and cuts. She is under a child and adolescent mental health team but she is quite clever and only tells them what she thinks they want to hear.
I struggle to help her as she doesn't seem to want help. I know she was groped by a guy outside a pub while she was waiting for a friend and that she is really mourning the loss of her cat. Any ideas on How do I help her and stop her trying to end her life?

Giver her a nice big hug when you greet her in the morning and another when she comes in the door from school. Walk holding her hand in public, or with your arm over her shoulder or around her waist. Stroke her arms and face when you tuck her in at night.
Tell her "Your swimsuit feels cold to me. Please hug me after we are dry and dressed."
Tell her "I'm hungry when I sit down to eat. I would be happy to hug you when we are cleaning up."