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School Bus
10/01/2010 at 16:02 PM

Anyone out there with the same problem I have? Our township reonfigured the schools starting this year. So we now have a k-2 school in the middle of town and a 3-4 school on one side of town and 5-6 on the oppisite side of town. My kindergarten and 2nd grade children are on the school bus for 1hr. I live 3 min away from the school so I have been driving them. The busses are picking up the children in 3-4 and k-2 at the same time and than dropping of the 3-4 graders and than dropping off k-2 why should I let my kid sit on a bus and have a scenic drive to school when I can have him sleep and get his rest. School board and superindentent do not want to hear it. They say it is what it is. In the end it its in it form them I asked what I can do to make it better and was told by the superintendent to tell everyone to speak up and get the district a k-12 district thats all fine but who is this really about the kids or his own gain of success?????

You could also consider walking with them to school.

We do not have sidewalks in our town and the rodes are 40mph rodes. If that was the case they would not be bussed at all.