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scared of labor
04/18/2007 at 10:54 AM

I hate to admit this, but I am really scared of going into labor (I'm 4 months pregnant with my first child). I want to talk to my doctor about planning a C-section, but I don't know if she will agree to do it. Has anyone else ever had a planned C-section? Do you think it's a good idea? Is it safe?

I don't want to disregard your feelings of fear--they are real and reasonable--but a c section is MAJOR surgery. I think that's scarier than labor. I really suggest you stop listening to other women's birth stories and work on relaxing about labor. If you go in scared, you'll be scared. If you go in thinking, this is natural and my body knows what to do, I bet the outcome will be better. Good luck--the prize for all this is a beautiful baby!

A c section is a lot harder to recover from and when your taking care of a newborn you don't want to be recovering from major surgery unless is is absolutely necessary. The epidural will really help with the pain...and honestly you do forget once it’s all over. The labor and delivey nurses are usually wonderful too, and they will help you relax.

Thanks everyone for your support! I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. And you're right -- I do get a baby in the end, right??

Personally, I would avoid the c-section unless it was absolutely necessary, since, like the others have said, this is major surgery and can be more difficult to recover from. I had fears about labor as well when I was pregnant. I took child birth classes and prepared myself for the basics, then I stopped dwelling on the labor itself. It's the means to and end, and you'll find that you're much stronger than you though when you go through it. Good luck!

I agree, mommaya! I think that you can't dwell on labor, and you have to just keep reminding yourself that many many other women have gone through this. I'm a little over halfway through my pregnancy, and I've decided to not think about the labor until I walk into my birthing class.

I read a really enlightening article written by a midwife, and it has helped transform my thoughts on labor. She was saying that she knew she wanted to become a midwife the first time she witnessed her sister giving birth, because it was such an empowering moment for her as a woman. She believes that every birth she assists is proof of the amazing inner strength of all women. That was enough to fend off my fears for the moment!


I think you have to have a lot of trust in the people who will help you deliver. You will be surrounded by nurses and doctors (or midwives) who deliver babies day in and day out. They know what they are doing. They won't let you suffer endlessly and they won't let you compromise the health and welfar of you or your baby.


You definitely want to avoid a c section unless necessary.  It is a major surgery and for families who have many children they can give birth naturally 10 times but there are very few people who have  a c section 10 times. 

You want to stick to a natural childbirth as much as possible.  It is scary at times but much less scary than being cut open and stiched back together down the middle. 


Personal I would avoid the C-section.

You need to look at it as a natural thing. Think good thoughts about the expernice. I know that is hard when you have never had one. But the more you think of it as a great experince it is much easier.

Everyone likes to tell the horror story's not the good parts about labor.

I is well worth all of it the second you see and hold your  little ones. Good luck we are here to help you.


i had an emergency c-section and i am telling you WOW the day after. i would have rather given birth ten times over naturally then have a c-section again. the labour itself is not as bad as some women like to claim yes it hurts i'm not going to lie but it is the most rewarding pain you will ever feel. just remember after each contraction you are one step closer to the best thing that will ever happen to you. the doctors and nurses will be wonderful. they will help you everystep of the way. Everyone will be rooting for you. just remember that you are the only one who can bring your perfect little baby into this world. you'll do great. enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry about the labor. take one day at a time. i wish you all the best.

I hightly recommend the book "The Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth" it will tell you the pros and cons of each choice you will be faced with during labor, including cesarean. When you know what each intervention can do, you are able to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of you and your baby.

Your OB won't tell you this, but women have a three times greater risk of dying on the operating table during surgical birth than they do during vaginal birth. And babies born by cesarean end up in the NICU more often.

If you are really scared of labor, you would do well to hire a doula for labor support. Also consider a birthing method like Hypnobabies to help you remain relaxed and calm  - that's good for your baby, too.


please remember that women have been giving birth for millions of years without any medication or help.  many women give birth alone.  childbirth is not a disease.

you can do it, I gave birth naturally at the age of 23 in a foreign country.  once my child was delivered I had no memory of the pain.  I was also jogging 3 days later.  Most women that have a C-section or epidural have a long recovery and pain after the birth.  Natural Birth you will have pain durin labor but afterwards you will be PAIN FREE!  I can promise you that!

Make sure that you excersice drign you r pregancy it will help significantly with childbirth!


C section u n pain 4 two months stitches someone has to pick up ur belly n clean u d bumps on d ride home r crying moments

I am 47 now and I am about to have my fourth child. I am very scared . its going to be a boy. Which will be my second boy. This child is a gift from God. But everybody talks about me, especially my family. I am really not alone because of God. But I feel like and outsider. I see glory they see shame.

I am glad you have your God to turn to. Personally, I would rather rely on some pain relief.

Hi there my name is Jean am 32 weeks pregnant am just so happy dat I get to talk with you girls cause I ave a lot of issues,this is my first pregnancy and my husband dosent care at all,I hardly eat he doesn't help with the chores at all I do everything myself even when I complain he says its a woman's work my main concern is that am scared of labour not giving birth itself,since I was five month pregnant my husband and I have not had sex maybe am repulsive to him I don't know but he says to me that bcos of the no sex between us he is 100% sure am not going to give birth naturally.he says he's ready for the day of my delivery where d doctor comes and tells him am going to do a cs. So please I really want to know is it true what he said cause that's my only fear.thanks

Hi I am a 7th month pregnant. . I am also ve nervous it's my first baby