Will Baby Borrowers help to minimize teen pregnancies?
06/23/2008 at 21:10 PM

Yes or no?

I'm hoping that this info will be transmitted to NBC, as sballvr has some association with the show.
Notice that this is not the place to talk about the stuff on the first baby borrowers message board. This is only about teen pregnancy. I do think it would be appropriate to talk about various methods to reduce teen pregnancy, but let's keep this one focussed on TEEN PREGNANCY. My ideas are well discussed on another board, so here's my vote.
Maybe. There's no way to know.


Do you mean in general or just in the case of the teens who took part. The experiment, if hopefully not repeated, will fade into the distance very soon without trace and teens will be doing what teens do best . I don't think it will make a big difference so NO.


There is no way to actually tell if it will effect teen pregnancy. Even after the show is over, there is no way of telling, because I don't think there is a way to gauge it.


Hoping it does...the more education the better.


I hope it does to...it does look funny.


I think it will have a very very small impact compared with the impact of teenagers interacting with their own families.


You seem really lonely and angry. Is that b/c you never had a chance you have kids? Did you have an experience like those teens in Baby Borrowers where you got to care for little ones only to have them taken from you? Please, I want to help.


Look at Jaker80. See what I mean, he doesn't advance the discussion, and every time he posts, somebody looks stupid


I don't think teenagers watching other teenagers living together in a nice condo will dissuade them from sexual activity. In fact I think it glamorizes it a bit because the other teenagers know that although these teenagers are living together (and all that that implies) they didn't really get pregnant.


And Jaker80, I am angry because I love my kids, and I care about other people's kids too. Not lonely though.


Well, tonight we can all check out the show and see if its trying to destroy the lives of America's infants, or maybe its just entertainment.


And then you can call information (212) 555-1212 for NBC's number in New York , ask for the comment line, and leave a message about the distress suffered by the five babies that were exploited tonight, and about your hope that the five toddlers will not be exploited by having their distress broadcast next week. the number is also available on page 7 of the board called baby borrowers that has over 40 comments


Jaker8, if you can't say something sensible then maybe you shouldn't be coming in here.


Something that did help prevent teen pregnancy in my own situation was setting my own boundries in other areas. For example I was largely in charge of my curfew, and when I got grounded, it was me doing the grounding. Because I was used to setting my own limits in other areas, I had no problem setting my own limits regarding sexual behavior, and because they were my own limits I stuck to them. Rebelling against your parents is one thing, rebelling against yourself.... well, that's just weird.