Why do schools allow boys and girls to swim together in gym class?
01/28/2014 at 21:46 PM

at my daughters schools from 8th -10th grade, in PE she attends the swim unit and boys and girls have
it together? Why is this allowed? Wouldn't this make girls feel uncomfortable
and give immature boys an opportunity to harass and humiliate girls? And cause
distractions and goofing off among everyday? Not to mention young boys will be shirtless around young girls and I think that is inappropriate especially in a school setting

My daughter keeps saying she does not care but she is young and may not understand how wrong this is
this just seems wrong especially at school

this class also pretty much just gives students to look at all the other students in bathing suits. What is this a party or something? How is this appropriate for school? Why is the school providing an avenue for voyeurism?

Social justice
Spending Quality time
Listening to your child
Letting your child take reasonable risks

Letting your child make some decisions for themselves
Letting your child spend as much time outside as they want.