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When to get involved?
01/08/2014 at 13:27 PM

I have a daughter who is a Junior in HS. She competes in varsity cheerleading. It's pretty demending. The other day she came home crying and upset that the coaches were really tough on her (I "heard" once called her Stupid- which did not sit well)- At what point as a parent does one get involved or it a matter of toughening up our children? i did approach one coach after just to express displeasure if he did call her stupid- (her answer was- he said Don't be stupid)- In any case- it's a fine line of when to get involved and when you think you just need to stay out of it and your child will grow immune and tougher to it- I just hate to see her cry and get upset over something that is supposed to be fun- any comments?

Google, Dr. Tina Bryson and coaching.