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What do you do when grounding does not work anymore???Teenagers!!!!
02/04/2010 at 03:26 AM

My almost 16 yr. old has been in all kinds of trouble. I grounded her for 1 week from everything mainly the phone..and she was caught 4 times sneaking the phone!!! We disabled all the phone jacks in our house and keep all phones in my room and lock the door if we leave only to leave her with a cell that we can check the cell bill to see if she has used it. I grounded her one more week for the 4 times.On sunday she says I need to call BMV and ask a question about a drivers license...we said no wait til tuesday when you get the phone back. She says you call!!! We said No wait til tuesday..So my daughter goes to school on Monday and uses a phone calls the BMV and comes home and tells us about it..also found she was on myspace some how Monday too.She was gettin ungrounded on tuesday!!! So I said No driver ed or you are grounded 2 more weeks(1 week for each offense). She picked no drivers ed so she is ungrounded but what do I do next time grounding her is like being grounded myself!!!Any advice??? Maybe I should ground her for less time??? With No driver ed she has to wait til she is 17..ha ha!!

I can relate to everything you are saying..I have a daughter that has done all of that I took myspace I changed to login and so she could only get on it when I got her on it.She created another ont just to talk to her boyfriend.I can't count the time I have taken the cell and as far as the house phone I have even taked it with me to work.So this was her thing I checked the cell phone and found where she got a holt of her sisters and texted on it and then she would want to spend the night with my mother and I checked her cell bill and she got her cell and was texting on it,we have taken her car..I wish I could help you but if it makes you feel any better your not the only one,its just so hard rasing teens..I have a son that is 7 and don't know yet about boys at teenage years but the girls are hard..out daughter don't like it b/c we don't aprove of her boyfriend who is also the father of her 6 month old baby he don't work (just sorry)..

I have had the same issues with my teen daughter who is 16 but to a much lesser extent. To me, our problem is that it seems as though whatever I do, she could care less about being grounded. I remember when I was a teenager and my parents grounded me, it was hell on Earth. I mean, I missed out on stuff and it was awful. I did do one thing that was pretty over the top recently that seemed to have a huge affect on my daughter and she has not messed with me since. I not only grounded her from outside friends, boyfriend, cell phone,and computer.....but she plays sports and I called up her coaches and told them that she needs to be benched for two games during this time that she was grounded. I told them why and they supported me 100%. My daughter showed up at 2 soccer games and was immediately put on the bench....TWICE! She was BEYOND MAD! Later on, the coach told her that if she can't follow simple rules at home and do as her mother asks, then she can't be expected to play during a game that requires respect and team work. He also told the other mothers that if their daughters are not behaving at home, they too can be benched from the game. It was brilliant. I finally found the Achilles Heel of bad things to do when my teenager acts up and thinks she "doesn't care" about being grounded. Now she does care and she also knows how embarrassing it was to not play in the games and have to explain why to her friends and teammates. She has been as good as gold ever since. I'm thinking that you need to really find the "Achilles Heel." She has one.....they all do. Teens love to hide what is near and dear to them so that parents don't take it all away. Look closer and find out what makes this kid tick. When you find it....make it take a vacation until she learns to respect your rules. I hope this helps you. It sure worked in my house!