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What do I do????
09/10/2007 at 13:59 PM

Last year my teenage daughter had a Job and set forth her goals on how she was going to be paying for her car that we helped her buy.   She barrowed 5000 from her dad and 2500 from me for the car and was working to pay us back.  I was not demading payments from her while she was paying her dad back first. I just asked if she would help me when needed.

That lasted 6 months and then she stated slacking off and then Summer came and she had plans of getting a better Job and pay off everyone, if she got to go stay with her older brother and his wife in the big city.  Well she got a job but no more then 10 hours a week.  She didnt make any payments on her car drained her checking account to the negative of $450 and rang up her cell phone bill to 400.00  Amounts that I cant afford but covered.

And as of last night I took away the cell phone and suspended her debit card and took the keys of the car and I feel that she will not get them back till I see the payments for all that she has costed me this summer.  She is now 18 years of age and feels that I owe her.  And all the while is calling me F****** B**** and a WH*** and doing the same to her younger sister that got a parttime job this summer and earned enough money to buy her own horses and saddle and tack as well has provied money to buy hay for the winter.


Hey imjusttweety,


Welcome to the boards.  Sounds like you are having a heck of a time with your daughter living up to her responsibilities at the moment.  Is her car in her name or in your name?  As far as the cell phone goes, I wouldn't just take it away, I would cancel her phone completely and she wouldn't get a phone until she could get it herself, with her credit and with her having the responsibility of paying the bill and suffering the consquences if she didn't pay the bill. 


Is she in school?  What is she doing?  If she is not in school then I would require that she get a full-time job and probably even pay some sort of room and board.  As for the car, I wouldn't give it back until she had paid me a lot of the money back.  I would only let her use it to get to work and back or I would take her to work and back and sell the car and make her buy her own car once she has saved up the money.  In my opinion, the sooner you make her learn to manage her money and take responsibility, the better you off you will both be.


Anyone else have any ideas?