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what age is it okay for daughters to wear tampons
12/14/2009 at 02:18 AM

My daughter got her period for the first time this summer. She is 13. When we had this descussion about the whole period thing I had explained that I do not want her wearing them until she is 15 -16 years old. I have explained to her the reasons I feel so strongly about this. I have had alot of female problems and she is at high risk because of the family history...
I had a talk with her step mother also explaining all the crap that I have gone throu. She agreed with me. We both agreed it would be a good IDEA for her to wait. So I thought. Then I find out tonight that her father and stepmother went an purchase them for her and she has been wearing them behind my back. What should I do. I am so angery about it. She promised she wouldn't and then her step mother said she agreed. Now its a different story. What should I do and how do I handle this?
Bye the way this isn't the first time they have agreed and then turned around behind my back and allowed it to happen/enchoraged it to happen...Please HELP

If your daughter is mature enough to remember to change it and can remember to remove the last one, there is probably no problem. If she starts to get frequent infections then she can try going back to pads. That horse is out of the barn. Don't fight about the tampons.

I don't think I understand . . . is there a medical reason that she shouldn't wear tampons? If that is the case, and she is at risk for whatever medical condition this is, maybe you could get the doctor to explain it to her and the stepmom. As far as I know, any female who is menstrating is physically able to wear tampons (under normal circumstances it won't damage anything). I wore them at 12 b/c I wanted to go swimming. I was mature enough to remember to change them, but I guess this varies... I think in general young girls are VERY conscious about their periods and when they should change etc. I did have some trouble figuring out the mechanics of the tampon, but a friend explained it to me and they come with instructions... In principle, the stepmother going behind your back about something you feel strongly about isn't good though...