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Trouble on MySpace
05/30/2008 at 16:52 PM

I need some advice. My girls have a MySpace page which I monitor and have the passwords to. That was the agreement of them being able to have a page online. Recently, this drama queen 11 year old in our neighborhood has been trying to cause trouble with my kids pages. Twice, she got their pages shut down for fictious reasons and then, more recently, she decided to pose as a "friend" which my younger daughter accepted onto her MySpace page and then this kid left a slurry of offensive remarks and language as a message on my daughters message page. I was appalled when I saw this and who it was coming from. This girl is underage and does not even belong on MySpace. her parents have no clue that she is doing this stuff because she has created the account at another neighbors house who is 14 years old. I have since "blocked" this girl from both of my daughters MySpace pages and have beefed up the security controls when they are online and also I check the pages kids are fine with this. It just bothers me that this girl did what she did and is getting away with it scott free. I actually made copies of her offensive commentary to my daughters and I made copies of her whole MySpace site as well for proof. If I see anymore problems with this girl, I am tempted to either walk over to the parents house and show them the goods or mail the copies to them. They are clueless!! If you were me, what would you do? I did report this girl to MySpace for Cyberbullying and being underage. They probably should have shut down her page but it is still there. What should I do?

It amazes me the trouble kids can find in cyber-space. I'm sure you heard about the parent who subjected a young girl to emotional pain until she took her own life. If I were you , I would definitly keep monitoring your girls but, I would not take retaliation against the 11 year old. She is not your child and sending the inappropriate messages to her parents would only cause discord and drama for your own life and family. You should stick to raising and training your own children. I do not believe that telling her parents is going to change the course of this childs life or I would say it's worth the risk. If her parents don't care what she is up to now, they won't care after you tell them.