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Teens and Social Media
02/28/2014 at 18:13 PM

Does social media confuse you? Are you failing miserably at keeping up with your children's online activities? If you think a tweet comes from a bird or that a hashtag is the latest outdoor game, then you need to check out "The Busy Parent's Guide to Social Media". Available for your kindle on Amazon. Search for the author, Tracie Rollins.

Do you wish there was a simple guide that could get you up to speed quickly?
This book is for the parent with no time to waste who wants to get up to speed quickly. If you're not looking to be an expert, but you need quick and easy steps that you can implement today to begin engaging with your children online, this book is for you. Whether you're interested in becoming a pest to your children or simply want to be able to talk intelligently about social media, you'll learn simple steps and tips that you can apply today.

This book reviews history, basic navigation and posting, privacy settings and specific parenting tips for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat. Parent's who are already very familiar with these social media platforms may prefer to purchase a more advanced book.

IMO, it's up to the parent to remain RESPECTFULLY close, loyal and TRUSTWORTHY to and for their kids so walls and gaps do not appear between them in the form of "social media", etc. Parents LOSE their kids by allowing unfriendly, suspicious gaps to occur in the family so the kids have to turn to others for emotional support and FRIENDSHIP.