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teenage dating
05/10/2009 at 19:49 PM

My daughter is 14, she has never had a boyfriend or a kiss. Each of her friends have had boyfriends kisses and more, when will she get a boyfriend or will she. Her friends and many others thinks she is tall pretty and has a nice personallity but is there something wrong? Even her 10 year old cousin has had a girl friend. Advise please because she wants a boyfriend!

Your daughter is ONLY 14!!!!!! Why is it so important to you for her to have a boyfriend? At 14, neither one of you should be concerned about boyfriends, or kissing and especially not the "more". There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with any teenager not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. School, sports, community and/or religious activities, volunteering, being involved in family centered activities are all so much more important. Teens who are caught up in the opposite sex for more than just friendship when they are young teens very often become involved in risky behaviors that can lead to pregnancy or STD's. Let your daughter be a child while she is still a child. There is plenty of time for a boyfriend when she is older.

Great advice, 2xstepmom.

so she never kiss a boy before Thankyou,Cindy3

Just don't worry about it. When the time is right she will get a boyfriend. You shouldn't be worried about it anyways.