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01/26/2009 at 01:46 AM

My 14 yr old got caught shopt lifting at Wal-mart with 3 of her friends and after it is all said and done only two out of four were in trouble my girl and one other. Wal-mart did not call police just parents and they stole $130.00 worth they had to give it all back and pay 4 Ways. kay is grounded for 4 weeks no computer no phone and no spending the night with anytime and 40 hours of community service per me.Also she paid with her own money. I hope this makes an impression on her I would like to have some other opinions and maybe help someone out in my position. kay already volunteers at my hospital but only three hours a week,so that means alot more hours to do in 4 weeks. WE volunteer at a Soup Kitchen 6 hours the last two Saturdays it has helped tremendously.. we see homeless and hear their stories and serve food to them.. I don't think she will steal again???

Keep her away from all the girls she was with related to this incident. Keep track of all her activities and friends. She will thank you someday.

Hopefully she won't steal again. I think the community service you have your daughter doing, along w/ taking away certain privileges will have an impact. Peer pressure is very hard to compete w/, and sometimes kids will do the same acts more than once for one reason or another. I agree. Keep a close eye on your daughter, and try to keep her away from the others involved in the incident. Redirect her attention to something more positive as you've been doing. I wld also talk to your daughter and try to find out why she did what she did. Was it b/c she felt pressured by friends, or did she really want the items she stole and didn't have the $ to pay for them, or was it just for the thrill of seeing if she cld get away w/ it? I think it's important to get to the bottom of why b/c different reasons shld have different consequences. You're daughter is very lucky that Wallmart didn't report the incident to the police. I hope she knows how lucky she is and how much worse the consequences wld be if they had reported it. The last thing she needs is a criminal record at 14. Sometimes the mere scare of that thought can change a person's thinking. On the other hand, if your daughter thinks she got off the hook easy, she may think she can get away w/ such an act again. I think you've done all the right things handling this situation, and by no means am I saying your daughter shld've gotten arrested. I'm just saying that an explanation about how much worse the situation cld've been shld be stressed as well. Your daughter, and the others involved, shldn't be left thinking that maybe next time they can get away w/ stealing again, and again it won't be reported. That's my opinion.

Thanks I appreciate the advice and so far I think she has learned her lesson

do you have all girls Thankyou,Cindy3

Yes, and I know this is a way late response sorry about that, I have been workin alot