Teen Sexual Orientation
04/29/2014 at 08:23 AM

I am a single mom of three a teen boy 14, my daughter 13 and 11yr old youngest son. My 13yr old daughter came to me wanting to talk as always I was open to it since we do have great communication. She apparently feels or thinks she is now or might be bi-sexual. Now if this was the case I would love and support her no matter what althou it is not what I would want for her. My consern is that Im not sure if she is even old enough to know is she is. I have notices for some time now that this seems to be a new trend amungst girls her age. I cant even begin to tell how many girls she hast told me about that claim to be bi-sexual. These girls are calling eachother "bae" or "wifey" things of that nature. I dont want to say the wrong thing or make her feel unconfortable.

My first reaction to this "news" was that I believe she is to young to trully know. I made it clear that i would support her no matter what but the i do believe she is too young to know. One of the reasons I believe she is too young other than that fact that this seems to be a new trend. Is the fact that im not sure they even understand what dating is to begin with. As I stated before we have great communication and she talks alot to me about things happening in school. These kids are talking about "friends with benefits" when I asked her what that meant to her she stated "well mom that is the step before dating, where you hold hands and kiss but do not consider yourself dating".

Am I right? is she too young to know? should I go about it another way? Please help!