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Teen sexual deviance?
05/03/2011 at 11:08 AM

I recently found some disturbing confessions in my 14 yo son's journal. He wrote that he was a "furry," someone that is sexually attracted to people dressed as animals, I also found some stuffed animals under his bed that showed evidence of having been used for sexual activities. I am a criminal justice professional and I am exposed to the deviant side of society on a regular basis. I am worried that my son is turning down a dark road. What should I do? Should I confront him or just hope it's a phase?

confront is a such an adverserial term. How about you just ask him about it?

Why is he spending time in his room with stuffed animals and a journal at 14 years old? Does he have a computer in his room too? Does he have friends? Are you so disconnected from him you need to read his journal? I just texted my 15 year old son and asked him if he knew what a "furry" was (by the way I had to google that one!) He didn't, I asked him to ask his friends... none of them had heard of that! Take him fishing or 4 wheeling or rock climbing, or skiing or to the beach where there are girls, or camping, or hiking, or hunting, to motocross races. Find a harmless interest. Don't ask, just make the plans. Ask him to invite a friend(s) to join you. My God he's going through puberty, bored and looking this stuff up ...and in an environment that's exposed him to it airbornedad... It is unlikely that all of his friends share his 'furr'y thoughts... get him socially involved with other youth his age doing enjoyable activities.

We've tried taking him out to do things. He grouses and bitches and just wants to read a book or go home. We took his laptop from him last year for looking at porn. He is very disconnected form us. He is a self professed geek. he reads comics, and sci-fi and plays video games. He hangs out with another lad who is quite the odd bird. I admit I liked comics and sci-fi as a kid, but he seems to take pride in being weird. I'm not sure how to approach this. He has become increasingly disconnected from his mother and I since he started puberty. And he show NO interest whatsoever in girls. I have no idea how to relate to him. I was a bit of an outsider as a teen, but I was also active and outdoorsy too.

search for comiccon Anime 2011 and see if there is a convention near you that you can afford to attend with him. These conventions attract 1000s of people who have some of the same interests as your son, productive people with families and jobs.

I'll say the best thing for you to do is to pray and just hope it's a phase and find your child some help while he's yet young and do he know you read his Journal cause if he do he really going to shut down then..... Tay

i would also look into some counceling as well. i have never heard of this before and sure your son isnt the only one. would like to hear an update on how your son is doing since its been a year.