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Teen girlfriend/boyfriend - How often should we see each other?
05/22/2012 at 20:44 PM

I know, it's long. But please take the time to read! :) I would appreciate feedback, if you want to know anything else ask!

Hey everyone. I'm 16 years old and my boyfriend is also 16 years old. My parents love him, and his family loves me. We've been dating for 3 months, but we live about 2 hours apart (pretty normal, we live in "small town" Nebraska, so we are used to driving). I pay for my own gas when I go to see him. The problem we have run into is how often my parents will let me see him. I don't think once a week is unreasonable, depending what is going on. They have allowed me to stay the night (we aren't sexually active, I made a decision to wait until marriage and he respects that, what a blessing!). They don't want me spending too much time with him, though, because they fear it could lead to emotional distress. I AM responsible, and they know that. I think it depends how mature a teen is... some could handle more time together and still balance everything else, while others couldn't. Right? I've done great so far. I have NOT abandoned friends/family/activities to be with him. I am still involved in a ton of other things - AND I work. I think we have a mature relationship... we don't talk 24/7, make out all the time... we like being together though, just aren't that "touchy." Anyway... we would like to see where our relationship leads! We don't wanna rush. Mostly, we just wanna hang out... we both enjoy being outside and love going to the lake. But, like I said... my parents are afraid I'll get attached. It's not my first relationship, by the way. Oh, and his parents are all for it, and said if we ever did decide to get serious they were fine with it.