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Teen Driving
06/22/2007 at 08:03 AM

For parents of driving teens or whose teens will be driving in the future a caution that you need to pass on to them and keep in mind for yourselves. 

Watch out for the staged accident also known as the swoop and swat.  This happens more often than you think and always seems to come from no where.  Your state propably does not have laws to deal with this and if you or your child gets caught up in this they or you will receive the ticket.

Another caution is that especially since this is summer, teens become big targets for just about any ticket that can be handed out.  They really have to be practically perfect.  I know this takes the fun out of driving for a lot of teens because they know none of us are perfect with our driving, but the police will not miss the opportunity.



Hey Eaglemom,


Welcome to the boards.  My daughter is getting her permit this summer and I am trying to cover all the bases with her.  We have not had a lot of problems here with police targeting teenagers and hopefully we won't.


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We have had a lot of teen fatalities in our city and the main common denominator was that there were between 3 to 5 other kids/teens in the car with the drivers. Today we heard about our third. So I guess the rule of thumb is to not allow your teen to drive with other teens in the car. Or let them ride with their friends. Majore distraction to the drivers, along with phones, mp3 players etc.