Teen dating
06/25/2011 at 21:15 PM

My husband and I disagree on what age our children should start dating. He is stepfather to my 3 girls and biological father to our son. I said that the kids should be allowed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend when they enter high school. We both agreed that junior high is still too young! But he thinks that they should be at the earliest age 16 but he really thinks 17 is an appropriate age! I think that is crazy! I think that Kids need the emotional experiences that come with relationships. I think it will help them become more prepared for future relationships. I had my first boyfriend when I was 6 my mom never put boundaries on the age I could have a boyfriend. I turned out okay! I know that teens are going to do things behind parents backs and just because one kid does something doesn't mean the next kid will make that same mistake! Everyone is wired different! I would love some input! Thanks!