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Teen almost killed over a text message
03/22/2010 at 20:00 PM

Hey All

Has anyone else seen this story today. This girl and boy were texting with each other (didn't know each other) and apparently she said something that upset him. He came to her school and found her and has beaten her almost to death. Read about this and use it as a talking point with your kids. This is awful.

Also, post here and tell us what you have to say about what happened.


The young lady who was attacked was a friend of the boy's ex-girlfriend. While texting messages for her friend this young lady made rude comments about the boy's brother who had committed suicide last year. The boy went to the school, found this young lady, and attacked her. The young lady was defenseless lying on the ground as he kicked her in the head several times. Part of the girls skull has been removed to allow the brain to swell. Whereas I do not agree with how this young man handled this situation, how can anyone expect to make rude comments about such a sensitive subject and not expect some type of retaliation? What a sad situation for both families.

Wow, I didn't hear about this situation, but I cldn't even imagine what both families are going through. Very sad. I don't know what the solution is here b/c even if restrictions are put on cell phone use and texting, kids will find other means to communicate. A hard lesson learned by both parties. In our town, there is talk that cell phones may be banned altogether in school. Supposedly "sexting" has become a real problem as well. We had an issue in our HS w/ a teacher and a student. The teacher has been suspended and is under investigation. I guess the best thing to do is educate our kids the best way we can. Situations like these, though, are the real eye openers.

Yeah I really believe too in good moral foundation. Both parties have their share of responsibilities, if the boy was slow to anger and thinking in the first place he wouldn't have beaten the girl, but also if the girl was considerate and kind enough, she wouldn't say those hurtful things.