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Survey for class
04/26/2008 at 21:50 PM

Hello all,

I am a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and am doing a research paper on the over sexualization of "tween" age girls  for my mass communications class. I need to conduct some primary research, so your input would be greatly appreciated!!

1) Have you and your daughter discussed "the birds and the bees"?

2) Do you allow your daughter to date?

3) What is your opinion on the "sexy" clothing being marketed/sold to younger girls?

4) what television shows does your tween watch?

5) what magazines does she read?

6) what websites does she surf?

7) Does she discuss the sexual activity of her peers? (in a negative way or otherwise)

8) How honest is she with her feelings about boys?

9) any additional comments?

Thank you!

My daughter is now 24 but when she was a "tween":1)YES!,2)no dating until 18 and she has thianked me many times for that one!3)Age appropriate clothing only for my respectable young daughter-more thinks for this one!4)very little TV and AGE appropriate shows only, she would never have been allowed to watch Hannah Montana, etc,5)no magazines, they were/are ALL inappropriate,6)NO computer until 15, then under supervision only,7)yes, lots of discussion and many thanks for not allowing her to be in a position to be talked about in such a negative way,8)very honest, she told me all about her first kiss at 15 1/2 and her first experiance at 19(TMI,TMI!!!) but I did raise her to be completely honest! Good luck with your research!

My daughter is 12 so we are just getting started in the tween stage. 1) yes, she knows the basics 2) absolutely not 3) I hate shopping for clothes for my daughter, the clothes that fit her aren't appropriate for her age 4) Hannah Montana and shows like that 5) none 6) she really doesn't do much on the computer except homework 7) no, hopefully none are sexually active yet 8) she is very honest, she still thinks boys are gross at this point

I asked my daughter about this and she stated she plans to not allow her children, when she has them, to watch any TV and also to homeschool them!