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11/10/2009 at 08:35 AM

My daughter and her BFF collected money for UNICEF on Halloween. My daughter forgot to hand it in on Monday, but then kept the money saying it was too late to hand in. We took her to the school principal, made her make restitution (return the money + an equal amount of her own), and grounded her for a month. The principal also had her write a letter of apology to the sponsoring teacher.
Her BFF also kept the money she collected, but her mom apparently let her keep it. Both parents are unemployed but that is not an acceptable excuse in my opinion.
I do not want my daughter to go the other girl's house, but may let her come to mine where she can be supervised. My dilemma is what if anything should I say to the other mom? Should the school be notified?

I would call the other mom, explain that my daughter had kept the Unicef money but I had insisted that she turn it in. I would call simply with the intent of informing her of my daughter's activities and my own response. I would not prevent my daughter from going to her home. If you thought your daughter were going to be abused or victimized at her friend's house, I would say keep her away. You don't really know what happened at the other home. It could be that the girl already spent the money, and her parents are in a tough spot, as they don't have the resources right now to pay her for chores so that she can repay the money.