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Son sexually active...
01/19/2012 at 20:39 PM

My son has his first girlfriend. She is 18 and he is 17. She has had 2 previous longterm relationships and is on the pill. I was worried when they first started dating because she was "experienced" and he was not. He never had a girlfriend.
So, they have been seeing each other for about 3 to 4 months and I know they are active because I found condoms in his room. I am glad they are double protected but still.
I had preached about waiting but it did not happen. My questions are...
If you have a teen son/daughter, do you provide the condoms or let it up to them to buy them?
I don't want to show I approve, but I don't want to be a grandma either. With the pill there is still that question and due to her having 2 other sexual partners it is best for him to be protected.

Also, do you allow your teen to have alone time in your home? My husband sees nothing wrong with this since he feels at least we know they are here and safe. Not is some dirty place. I feel uneasy. I am confused.
The girl is wonderful. She is smart, has goals, accepted to college, etc.
I forgot to mention she will be leaving for college come fall and he still has another year of high school.

I vote for providing supervision in the home, not condoms. Anybody else have an opinion?

If your son wants to have sex with his girlfriend then I'm sure he will find somewhere to do it whatever supervision you intend to impose on him. This is the 21st century and I think you should be relieved that he is mature and sensible enough to be using protection. Provide him with condoms.