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Short Skirts
07/01/2008 at 02:00 AM

My 17 year old daugherts school has a uniform which includes a skirt. My daughter likes to raise the hem so that it is really, really short. I dont know if I should continue letting her or stop her.

Please help.

I'm surprised the school allows her to alter the uniform. It's really not "uniform" if her's is shorter. I would think that she wants to be a little sexy if she is shortening her skirt. Women want to be sexy and at 17 she is probably just starting to experiment with her sex appeal. However, school is not the proper place. In the workforce, I am required to keep a certain professional look. When I hang out with my friends or go out, I like to look kinda sexy. I think your daughter should maintain a certain professionalism in school.

Brings back memories.... I went to an all girls Catholic HS (although the boys were on the other side of the building), and we used to roll our skirts to make them shorter. There was this very rigid VP that used to stand in the hallway handing out demerits for every little thing. Rolling your skirt was one of them. I laugh about it now, but at the time I found it ridiculous! I believe her thinking was that the focus should be on education, not on distractions such as this. And a uniform is worn so that everyone can be the same, and no one is singled out or made to feel different. However, I don't see how rolling or hemming your skirt is such a big deal if it's not too short. But if it's so short that it becomes a distraction or a problem in school, I think you shld do something about it.

Concerned, I used to do exactly the same thing. It was the late 60's early 70's and the mini skirt was in fashion. Not with our Woman Advisor who used to stalk the corridors looking for the slightest trace of make-up or anything non-uniform. Skirts had to be no more than 1 inch above the knee. I had one of those broad clipped elasticbelts which covered the roll. Never thought about it at the time but it must have put a few inches on my waistline doing that. Now that I am am more mature and work in education, I can see some of the reasoning behind a lot of the rules, but as concerned says, as long as it is not so short it causes distractions then what is the harm.

Junieg, That's funny about the elastic belt. Didn't think of that. Ha!

Inform the school of what is going on with their students. Than tell your daughter that they will be checking and there will be consequences if she gets caught.

Maybe talk to your daughter about why it's a problem. I didn't really realize what effect that sort of thing had on the boys around me until I was all grown up. Perhaps explain to her that when you exploit your sex appeal, that is often what people think you are all about, and that boys bodies react to things like that, whether or not they want it to happen. It really isn't fair to them.